Getting started

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Getting Started

Gorgias is a Google Chrome extension that allows Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo users to write emails faster by using Autocomplete DialogKeyboard CompletionAlternatives and other features.

Install the extension!

Gorgias can also be used in tandem with the website to enable features such as Team Sharing, Backup, Usage Statistics and other features. The Gorgias extension can be used stand-alone if you don't want to use the website.

Use cases

Currently, there are 2 major use cases for Gorgias. Feel free to choose one that best fits your needs.

Standalone extension

If you don’t have a team (or you are using Gorgias on your own), you don’t need to log in or register on the website. Simply install the extension above and use it on your own.

However, if you want to store your templates online and synchronize them between devices & team members, you can create an account here.

Using Gorgias with a team

If you work with a team and want to share and collaborate on your templates with other team members, then you’re in luck! allows you to do just that.

Simply create an account on the Gorgias website, add users, and start working together. 

To see more on this topic, go to the Sharing section.

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