I lost all my templates! What do I do now?

Updated 1 month ago by Alex Plugaru

We're sorry to hear you lost your templates. If you haven't subscribed to our paid service before there is not much we can do about it now. That is because your templates are saved on your own computer thanks to Google Chrome storage. Read more about this here:  Template Synchronization

If you uninstall Google Chrome, change your computer or do anything that could damage Google Chrome storage of the extension, all the templates are unfortunately lost.

If decide to subscribe to our paid service you will get the backup of your templates, it allows you to use the templates on multiple computers and share templates with your team.

You can subscribe to our service directly from the extension. See the screenshot below. Or follow these instructions:
- Click on the Gorgias extension button in Google Chrome top right corner of your screen or follow this link: 


- Click on the 'Subscribe' link:

You can also export your templates in a CSV format. Read more about it:  Export templates.

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